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General procurement

We can reduce your costs for purchasing and operation of investments, materials and services. Performing purchasing duties on behalf of you, we will free your hands for full focus on your core business.
We have extensive experience in negotiation with suppliers and management of corporate purchasing within Czech Republic and Central and Western Europe.
We can provide you with PROmitea – the effective purchasing e-platform making purchasing life easier and more efficient to the buyers and allowing to negotiate the best purchasing conditions.
If you face bothering purchasing administration or lacks in procurement organization, we can harmonize your purchasing processes according to the up to date principles and approaches or completely takeover and outsource the agenda.

Sourcing (supplier selection)

We will introduce a list of potential suppliers (incl. verification of references and incl. evaluation of suppliers’ competences using RFI)

Together with your requestor we will prepare complete and transparent RFP (request for proposal) documentation for the tender

Using face-to-face negotiation or eAuction we will negotiate best purchasing/operational conditions for the required supplies

We will evaluate the tender results, incl. quantification of the achieved cost savings and other effects

Fleet management

In the sourcing projects we are applying and we can provide you with a uniquely comprehensive but intuitive eSourcing tool PROmitea, allowing your buyers the following

  • maximization and transparent reporting of achieved savings
  • structured registration, management, evaluation, approving and archiving of all your tenders from the demand initiation up to the negotiation and final conditions conclusion
  • utilization of integrated eRFI, eRFP and eAuction tools
  • central collection of data regarding prepared purchases of your organizational units and consequently the central planning and realization of purchases
  • speeding and increasing efficiency of the procurement activities, flexible utilization of the documentation from the past for the future purchases
  • in case of need a prompt sharing or a transfer of the purchasing cases among buyers
  • flexible adjustment of functionality according to your specific requirements
  • utilization of all its benefits immediately (implementation and training takes just a day) without any changes in existing IT environment of your company

Procurement (operational agenda of purchase orders from the selected suppliers)

We will setup and roll-out a smooth process of ordering and supplies from the selected suppliers

We will assemble personalized purchasing catalogues and allow secure but highly flexible ordering (it concerns repetitive purchases)

If requires, we can takeover and completely outsourced the purchase orders agenda

Fleet management

We can provide you with a complete P2P (procure-to-pay) platform by reputable Esker, company allowing you the following

  • setting and keeping of a transparent ordering process according to your internal rues
  • creation/utilization of catalogues for the purchased products
  • creation of purchase orders according to the conditions arranged by the buyers and their distribution to the suppliers
  • registering of supplies and delivery notes and their pairing to the purchase orders
  • pairing of invoice with the purchase orders
  • full connection of P2P solution with your company’s ERP environment

Procurement organization

We can develop your new purchasing unit on a greenfield site or optimize the existing one

We will implement purchasing processes according the best up to date standards

We will provide you with PROmitea – the effective tool allowing recording and tracing of all tenders, distribution and aggregation of relevant documentation (RFI, RFP, Proposals, Score cards etc.), evaluation of results and savings, allowing eAuctions and supplier relationship management (SRM)

We will establish a transparent model of performance measurement for both senior buyers and for purchase order makers (incl. cost savings evaluation methodology)

We can train your sourcing and procurement staff to improve negotiation skills, to increase working efficiency and to achieve excellent results

Fleet management
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